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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Who runs this site? Is it really free?

A.  This site is run by a few Tiki enthusiasts that wanted to give back to the Tiki community. Yes, it’s really free. All server fees, domain name and paid plugins are covered by the owners of the site.


Q.  I’d like my ad on your site, do you accept advertising?

A.  TikiTracker does not offer advertising at this time.


Q.  Will the listing I enter go live immediately?

A.  All sites entered are automatically flagged as “pending” until an admin can verify the data entered. When that process is complete the listing will be changed to “approved” and go live. Depending on how many submissions we receive, it could be a few days.


Q.  How can I submit photos to an existing listing?

A.  You can email us the images at [email protected] Please include the Tiki Bar name.


Q. How many admins will be maintaining Tiki Tracker?

A.  When we are fully operational, we hope to have a minimum of 3 different admins/moderators. This will allow for fast approvals and content management.


Q.  You have a copyrighted picture in one of your listings.

A.  You may request an image be removed by sending us the information using our “Contact Us” link in the site footer.


Q.  One of your listings has incorrect information.

A.  Please send us the correct information so everyone in the Tiki community can benefit. Use the “Contact Us” link in the site footer.


Q.  I would like to add my home Tiki bar to your directory but don’t want my address shown.

A.  We understand. When entering your information just choose an intersection close by on the map, or maybe a park or playground and drag the map pin. When processing home Tiki bars, our staff is required to strip away any house numbers to protect your privacy. If you see an address on a home tiki bar. It is due to editing after the submitting/approval process.


Q.  Someone left some nasty language in one of the comments. Can it be removed?

A.  We will occasionally see some bad language in the comments sections. While we appreciate honesty in the comments, we also ask members to be helpful, kind and specific. Just send us a message with the details and any questionable comments will be reviewed.


Q.  I own one of the bars you have listed. Can I take over the listing so I can update as needed?

A.  Yes, please contact us. After email confirmation you can have the listed transferred to your username/account.


Q.  I would like to add my bar, but it’s not Tiki. Can you list it?

A.  No. Tiki Tracker is for bars with Tiki vibe, atmosphere, drinks or Tiki attitude.